📥 How Do I Import a List of Email Addresses?

To invite guests to your event, you can import a list of email addresses to send the event invite to.

  1. From any Events list, tap the flyer to open your event.
  2.  Scroll down, and under Guests, Chat, & Photos, tap Guest List.
  3. Tap Add Guests.
  4. Under Add Lists, choose the Import Numbers or Emails section.
  5. Select Import Email List.

Copy and paste a list of email addresses to import to your guest list. Be sure the email addresses are separated by a comma. If you include names in the format below, the app will display your guest names in the app. For example:

jane@example.com, Jen Doe <jen@example.com>, john@example.com

Or, you can use a semicolon to separate the addresses like so:

jane@example.com; Jen Doe <jen@example.com>; john@example.com

Alternatively, you can use one line per email address instead of commas or semicolons like so:

Jen Doe <jen@example.com>
  1. Tap Add.
  2. Tap Send to send invites.

For step-by-step visual instructions on import a list of email addresses, see the GIF below.

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