What Can Admins of a Space Do?

Admins can:

Manage Members

  • Invite new members
  • Resend invites to invited members
  • Promote members to moderators and admins
  • Remove members
  • Ban members

Manage Posts

  • Send messages, photos, links and locations in chat and posts
  • Add and edit post topics
  • Delete other's post topics
  • Delete posts

Organize Events

  • Create new events

Customize the Space

  • Edit Space name
  • Edit cover image
  • Edit default Space color & icon
  • Add or edit description
  • Add or edit social media links
  • Make Space discoverable by search engine
  • Delete the Space

Set their Preferences

  • Edit their personal profile: name, avatar and bio
  • Customize space color & icon
  • Manage chat and post notification settings

See the GIF below to see some of the features available to Space Admins.

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