🔼 How Do I Upload Multiple Photos?

You can easily add all the photos from your event via the Hobnob app or on the web.

On the Hobnob app:

  1. From any Events list, tap the Photo icon on the bottom right corner of the event flyer.
  2. Tap '+' at the top right corner.
  3. Select all photos you want to upload. You have to allow access to your photos by pressing OK when prompted or going to the Settings app, selecting Hobnob and enabling photos.
  4. Tap Add to add the photos to the event.

On the web: 

  1. Select Photo icon at top right corner of screen.
  2. Select Add a Photo at bottom of screen.
  3. To upload photos, you must provide your name and phone number to confirm you are on the guest list. A mobile confirmation code will be sent via text. Please insert in space provided.
  4. You can choose to take photos, upload photos from your photo library, or browse your files.

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