☎️ How Do I Add Phone Numbers That Aren't in My Contacts?

You can invite guests to your event even if you don't have their phone number in your contacts. To add these phone numbers:

  1. From any Events list, tap the flyer to open your Event
  2. Scroll down, and under Guests, Chat, & Photos, tap Guest List.
  3. Tap Add Guests
  4. Under Add Lists, select the Import Numbers or Emails section
  5. Select Import Phone Numbers.
  6. At the bottom, tap New Phone Number.
  7. Type the guest’s phone number. We recommend also add a first and/or last name so it's easy to manage your guest list.
  8. Tap Save to save and close or Save+ to save and immediately add another number.
  9. Tap Add

For step-by-step visual instructions on how to add phone numbers, see the GIF below. 

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