🏒 Can I Use Hobnob For My Business?

Updated by Tiffany Quezada

Absolutely! Businesses across the country use Hobnob for their event needs - both big and small. Hobnob has a wide variety of features that make creating and managing business events hassle-free. Some of our popular business features include selling event tickets, texting a hashtag to RSVP, easily exporting a guest list, and sending more than 1,000 invites per month.

If your business hosts in-person events or needs help managing members and communicating effectively, you may consider creating a Space. 

What can I do with Spaces?

  • Easy member management with invites via text, email, or social media
  • Customizable topics for easy chat filtering and organization
  • Event coordination with stunning event flyers, event tickets, text RSVPs, photos, and chat
  • Private media sharing without visibility by other groups
  • Easy notification management, set it and forget it
  • No distractionsβ€”no news, ads, or recommendations    

Contact us at business@hobnob.io if you have any questions.

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