⏰ When Are Event Auto-Reminders Sent?

Updated 1 month ago by tyler

Guests who have not RSVP’d (undecided) receive a reminder two days after the invite is sent and one day before the event. All guests who are attending (RSVP’d Yes) or are undecided receive a reminder 1 hour before the event which highlights the location and driving directions if applicable. Auto-reminders are on by default, this can be adjusted per event in your Event Settings.

If you would like to send additional reminders, you can use our Event Update feature (Only available to Standard users and above). To send an event update:

  1. From any Events list, open the event by tapping on the flyer image.
  2. Tap Send Update at the bottom of the screen. 
  3. Type your update. You can select who the update goes to based on their current RSVP status (Attending, Undecided, etc.)
  4. Tap Send.

When an event update is sent, guests who have the app will get a push notification and guests who don’t have the app will receive a text or email (depending on how they were invited).

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