How do I import a list of email addresses?

To invite guests to your event, you can import a list of email addresses to send the event invite to.

  1. From any Events section, tap the flyer to open your event.
  2.  Tap on Guests section. The Guest List screen should appear.
  3. Tap Add Guests.
  4. Under Add Lists, choose the Import Numbers or Emails section.
  5. Select Import Email List.
  6. Copy and paste a list of email addresses to import to your guest list. Be sure the email addresses are separated by a comma. If you include names in the format below the app will display your guest names in the app. For example:

  7., Jen Doe <>,

    Or, you can use a semicolon to separate the addresses like so:; Jen Doe <>;

    Alternatively, you can use one line per email address instead of commas or semicolons like so:
              Jen Doe <>

  8. Tap Add.
  9. Tap Send to send invites.

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