Get Started with Communities

Hobnob Communities are FREE to create and join! Follow these steps to start your own Hobnob Community.

  1. Create a Hobnob account.
    → Create Account. Open Hobnob app > Have An Account? > Enter your details (first name, last name, phone number) > Next.
    → Confirm Account. Confirm Mobile Phone number by entering the temporary access code in space provided > Done.
  2. Create a community.
    Open Communities tab > Create a Community button or ‘+’ > Follow instructions to create community name, cover image, description, and chat topics > Save & Create. All Communities you create or join will be accessible through the Communities tab on the app. To open a community page in the app, tap on the community cover image.
  3. Invite members to join.
    Open Community page > Invite New Members > Send invitations to join through text, email, or other messaging apps or post the link on social media platforms. Both Community Organizers and members can invite new members to join.
  4. Chat with community.
    Open Community page > Chat > select chat topic > type message > Send. Photos and locations can also be sent through Chat. Try to post every day to keep your members engaged. Each member can customize their Chat notifications to notify them of Any activity, when Someone mentions me, or Never.
  5. Create community events.
    Open Community page > Events > Create An Event. See all community events in the Events tab. Community members can just RSVP to be added to the guest list.

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